Dorette Segschneider

Be successful when others have long since given up

Focus and High Performance are the two traits that drive me when working. I love being challenged at work and I’m successful when others have already thrown in the towel. Addressing uncomfortable situations, accepting facts or repressed emotions and finding solutions for seemingly hopeless situations – helping in these types of situations is my passion. My many years of experience as a TV host, author and university lecturer were complemented by several years of training and education. I am a Accelerator Coach - certified by David Peterson and was able to take part in Charisma-Enhancement and Strategic Interventionist Coaching training in the USA, LINC Personality Profiler Training at the University of Lüneburg and Neuro-Intelligence-Coaching.

Generating an entrepreneurial capacity to act

I have learned from my entrepreneurial training how to effectively see a project through from the ground up. When I was in my early twenties, I had to take over and sell the medium-sized family business after the sudden death of my father in an accident. Because I was already being watched to assess my skills as a crisis manager, I had to prove my ability to act in difficult situations such as this one. Letters from the stock exchange were on our kitchen table – economic successes and failure became part of my everyday life. With all that event and many more as experience I am able to work with a great deal of confidence and dedication as an entrepreneur with a start-up company. Much of what I discuss with my clients in sparring or coaching sessions comes from lessons I have learned and experiences I have gained in my own current company. This creates a more level playing field during the sessions.

Acting confidently even in extreme situations

As a TV host of a live program on the ZDF/3sat about worldwide financial topics, I was confronted with challenging situations in hundreds of TV episodes, in which I had to keep calm and remain capable of making the right call at any moment. Being able to act and communicate confidently and with a high degree of certainty in decision-making processes has become part of my daily life. Combined with the tools from the validated structure, model and teachings of the topic ‘Emotional Intelligence’ I am, and have been, able to see a lot of success in my career.

Virtual guidance from the FF

More than 20 years of TV hosting experience make me an expert on virtual leadership. As a TV presenter I had to inspire the viewer through the camera every time we aired which is a skill that I pass on to managers today. During my training as a Licensed educator on Charisma Enhancement in America - where 'Virtual Leadership' has resided for many years - as well as a Strategic Interventionist Coach (also in the USA) and in numerous other training courses have laid my foundation of theoretical knowledge.

Controlling assets for economic success is familiar to me

As a result of graduating in business administration I have been able to write numerous specialist books, be the author of business documentaries, get to the heart of complex interrelationships and know how to control assets in a way that achieves economic success. I do my best to always keep my strategic knowledge up to date and to act with foresight and creativity in the process.

Be effective as a manager

As a 'Trusted Advisor' I am more than just an acquaintance of very good management. It is important to me that we work together to ensure that you, as a manager, can act confidently in challenging situations, achieve a high degree of effectiveness in your actions and enjoy the trust of your employees. As a Trusted Advisor to the Board of Management, my goal is to find sustainable solutions even in difficult situations that give you the confidence to act confidently even under pressure. It is with great passion that I also pass on this ability to my students as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. I always apply the highest standards in my work - on the one hand, in relation to the results I achieve and, on the other, in relation to myself and my knowledge.

Be prepared for the future with Virtual Reality

I am always on the lookout for the latest and most up-to-date information – including the methods I work with and business opportunities that will help my clients move forward into the future. For many years I have been integrating innovatively blended learning tools into every coaching process to ensure sustainability. Digital work is standard for me. I am currently working on integrating virtual reality combined with artificial intelligence into the coaching process. I believe this to be the future of coaching.

Lead Yourself first!

Those who work with me take responsibility for themselves and 'commit' themselves to a clearly formulated expected result. Only then does my work start. I trust in my wealth of experience and knowledge which I both pass on to my clients. Even in difficult situations, I find sustainable solutions that give the company security and that lead to high esteem and recognition for you as an entrepreneur/leader. Communication, my core competence stemming from more than 25 years of TV moderation, is the basis of almost all solutions. I always base my actions on clear principles. My strong sense of duty makes me a reliable partner for my clients.