Remaining confident and capable of action under extreme pressure

"I am capable of taking action at all times"

feedback from a client after sparring with me. Is that your goal too?
As your sparring partner, I create the framework for you to act confidently, stay calm, find the right focus and communicate calmly and effectively even in stressful situations. The result: You will be highly valued as a leader in your organization. The boundaries between sparring and coaching are fluid. This model is called: Emotional Intelligence.

Quite often in my life was I faced with the challenge of keeping the ability to make rational decisions and take necessary action in stressful and difficult situations - as a young entrepreneur in the mid-80s- the same way I had to when I was a TV presenter on a live show, in the early 90s, when I gave lectures to hundreds of people at major events on stock market topics and when the Germans were still looking for the DAX at the zoo and thought the Nikkei was a Japanese rice dish. Or with my 26 years of age as a lecturer at a university, but also as a TV film author in countries where my camera teams - despite filming permits- regularly got into conflict with the police. I have learned in countless situations how to remain calm and capable of taking action under extreme pressure and to do so while displaying confidence.


Dorette is an exceptional executive leadership coach. The questions she asks, the quality of attention she brings, the tools she uses, and the space she makes for clients to step back, reflect, and take new approaches are extremely powerful. She creates an environment where we can get out of the daily weeds, look at the larger landscape, and see patterns that allow us to make more strategic and sometimes systemic decisions. I often find myself thinking back to our discussions and looking for more ways to leverage the insights they generated months afterward. I highly recommend her as a coach

The professional coaching helped me stay calm and confident, especially in difficult situations, to accept the situation and to consciously take action. I have learned that I have the choice how to act while I act. All in all, I am more satisfied and grateful today and now I also appreciate small successes.

The coaching with Mrs. Segschneider was my very first, because I never wanted a 08/15 coaching. I wanted sessions that develop me further, at and eye to eye level! My expectations were correspondingly high. I came to Dorette Segschneider via a recommendation from a business friend of mine and received intensive coaching for over a year. My awareness of and perspective on many things has changed in a positive way, priorities have become clearer and I have sharpened my focus. The result is that I have developed further through the coaching I received from Dorette Segschneider which I expected!

Mrs. Segschneider's strength as a coach lies in the fact that she forces a 'coachee' to discard habitual, deadlocked perspectives and thought patterns and to look at a 'well-known' issue from a new perspective, in a very effective way. She achieves this change of perspective with the help of various innovative consulting tools, which tear the coachee out of established thought patterns. Dorette makes use of the 'surprise effect', i.e. Dorette Segschneider uses the 'surprise effect', i.e. the impulse that arises from the unexpected, to take the coachee one step further in his thought process. The achieved 'change in thinking' leaves the coachee with an extremely positive memory.

Individuality and professionalism are guaranteed. What has helped me a lot is becoming aware of the neurobiological and neurochemical processes, to better understand 'coincidence' and thus to learn how to gain more control. I enjoyed everything. I was enthusiastic about the individuality of the coaching, your professionalism, the relaxed atmosphere, the calming environment etc. Everything was just right.

Profound business understanding meets coaching competence - always on the pulse of time with regard to business, the latest studies from personality research and the latest tools for the permanent development of managers. Empathy provides the necessary kick/challenge.

What I appreciate in Dorette's work is the structure and consistency of her coaching. Through the preparation and follow-up work for presence coaching, one is 'forced' to deal with the topics occasionally on the go. The good documentation makes it very easy to recall what you have learned in the follow-up. The intensive days pass quickly and give the opportunity to go deep into the topics. I took a lot with me, which I can pass on to my employees.

Dorette Segschneider is one of the few coaches I know who combines economic understanding and know-how with proven coaching expertise. Particularly impressive, because it is sustainable and scientifically based, is the use of neuro-coaching elements, which make it possible to achieve initial success in difficult professional situations after only a short time. This approach has also proven itself for dilemmas in compliance crises. Especially these decisions often lie in a grey area. In addition to the indispensable legal consideration of such situations, the view beyond the horizon from the coaching enviroment, which Dorette Segschneider can convey with her approach and expertise, is a sustained success factor.

Experienced and successful executive coach, who can work at the TOP level and at an eye to eye level. High business expertise (knows what companies and business are all about). Strong methods - diverse qualifications and expertise in a wide range of areas and solutions for almost any topic. Top coach, with whom you work together towards defined goals, really achieve them and anchor them in your life in the long term (system with prework/feedback/documentation). A coach with whom you can reach the next level or even 'utopian' goals.

From my point of view, Dorette is characterized by her special energy, which is very infectious: cheerful and charming, sovereign, very well educated, yet powerful, highly concentrated, optimistic and unerring. She is completely solution oriented. Everything feels easy with her. She masters her technique in her sleep and can talk about it freely in seminars. She knows what she is talking about and what she is doing. You simply have to feel that you are in good hands with her!

Good listener. She looks far beyond the edge of her plate and guides you through questions, through the 'jungle' in your head. She also helps you find your own solutions. She is open to changes in the coaching setting, can integrate new/unanticipated issues that suddenly become a topic, and combines communication theory with neuroscientific findings in a comprehensible and convincing way. She ALWAYS delivers very personal added value.